About Us
  • Vision
    Create a comfortable and safe mobile environment
    Build a cutting-edge mobile space with personality by heart, and create a green mobile environment with safety in efforts.
  • Mission
    Become an expert in intelligent optoelectronic vehicle technology
    Position the intelligent optoelectronic vehicle technology as the company's core technology, working wholeheartedly to create a professional benchmark in the industry.

Interpretations of Corporate Values

  • Integrity

    Keep promises. Be consistent with your words and deeds with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc.

    Dare to face the mistakes of oneself and others in the work process, and carry out criticism and self-criticism.

    Do not take advantage of positions for personal gain.

  • Responsibility

    Be responsible for your own work and relating results. The tasks within the responsibilities must be completed on time with quality.

    No matter how difficult it is, try best to complete the promised things, and report in advance when unable to complete.

    Actively complete tasks without relying on external supervision.

  • Efficiency Quick Response

    Choose the effective and fast way to communicate.

    Quick response, timely feedback of completion time and get approval.

    Make authorization and reduce the process under the premise of compliance with internal control.

  • Innovation

    Management Innovation. The process is sorted out and optimized every year, and adjusted immediately once happens.

    Thinking Innovation. Dare to try new methods and models, tolerate failures; do not criticize new concepts and ideas.

    Technology Innovation. Increase investment in innovation, attach importance to innovative talents, and improve the innovation incentive mechanism.

  • Win-win

    Provide customers with cost-competitive and technologically advanced solutions.

    The company provides a platform for training, promotion and development to promote the mutual development of employees and the company.

    Share knowledge, experience, resources, etc., have altruism, and promote the common growth of domestic and foreign partners.